two days ago i had this deancas short dream and i had to do something about it because i couldnt get it out of my head haha

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I’ve had the same theme on Tumblr for over two years and consequently the same Dean and Cas sidebar.

SO on various holidays I would change said sidebar to be a bit  more festive (obviously I spent more time on some of these than others). I made it through a full year of doing this, plus an extra Halloween since that’s when it started:

You don’t think you deserve to be saved?”

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13/50 reasons i’m an emotional wreck because of destiel

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graphics inspired by urls ➝dreamercas


graphics inspired by urls ➝dreamercas

make me choose | deanwinchestersheart asked angel!cas or human!cas?

don’t tell him.

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castiel + full body shots


anonymous said: could you do cas with wings in #4? (x)

You bet your ass I can.

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